pioni logoSergonomia is located in the same building as the Pirkanmaa Association of Caregivers, PIONI. PIONI was founded in 2008 to provide support for caregivers and the people they take care of. PIONI has activities throughout the Pirkanmaa region. It is a politically neutral and a non-religious association.


jukola-impivaaraJukola Impivaara Friends Association was founded to improve life conditions of older people receiving long term care. We provide concrete solutions in nursing homes (differents acquisitions and event organization). We aspire to develop different forms of cooperation between clients, relatives, care-givers and volunteers, as well as create new procedures. Our motto is : « Living is the best treatment ! »




Chitalada Finland is one of the biggest martial arts gyms in Finland. It operates in the city center of Tampere (Puutarhakatu 12) and in Hervanta. You can practise kickboxing, Muay Thai and Krav Maga.